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Ways to Use Contemporary Art in Your Interior Design

There's no doubt that art has a powerful influence on the world and how people see it. A picture might demonstrate several words, but an image can do more than tell a story. For instance, it can set the tone and mood of a space. When you're decorating, it's an ideal chance to add an interesting aspect and even some environmental benefits to your home. If you want to add some contemporary art to your interior design, consider these six options:

1) Use one piece as a focal point in your room

One of the most obvious choices is using an eye-catching painting or sculpture as a focal point for your room. Not only will it bring attention to what you want people to notice, but it will also bring energy to the space. Interestingly, you can create a broad theme with this one piece alone. For instance, a large sculpture of a horse could symbolize movement and a connection to nature.

2) Choose artwork that represents your favorite memories

If you spent summers at the beach as a child, for instance, selecting just the right photograph from those days would be an authentic way to include this memory in your room design. There's no need for this photo or other artwork to be tucked away in some unseen corner—hang your chosen image prominently on the wall, so it becomes part of your home's design.

3) Add art near light sources

For any painting or print to become a conversation piece, it must grab the attention of anyone who enters the room. To do this, place your artwork near a light source so that it becomes illuminated by your lighting or is otherwise highlighted in some way. That will create an immediate focal point for guests to admire.

4) Combine art with other design elements

As you start compiling ideas for spaces where you'd like to use contemporary art, assemble a collection of images that inspire you. Then, look through that group and find works that complement one another or have similar colors or textures. You might even choose something unexpected just because it's different from everything else you're considering and then build around that piece instead. Such a strategy can be risky and rewarding since your space could look unique and distinctive because of your art selections.

5) Turn to professional artists for inspiration

Seek out works by local, lesser-known artists—especially ones you discover at open studios or art shows in your area. You might not know such artists, but that's the beauty of this idea. It gives you a chance to support new talent on the rise before they become household names. That will bring a certain amount of excitement into your house and a fresh look that is still rooted in traditional ideas of home décor.

6) Hang pieces at eye level

Even if you have a series of wall spaces for contemporary art hanging, consider displaying just one or two items for maximum impact. Remember, these pieces should command your attention. Therefore, they need to be hung where guests can see them. For this reason, it's usually best to hang art at eye level so that it might be seen without people having to strain their necks or fight the urge to tiptoe for a better view.

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