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Eco-Friendly Artist

Liz Rae Dalton: Custom Painting Artist Kingston

Liz Rae Dalton is a custom painting artist in Kingston who was known early in her career for her brightly colored oil paintings. Dalton’s art eventually began to take on a different meaning as she intentionally chose to transform herself into an eco-friendly artist.

These days Dalton creates art that brings mother nature indoors, with encaustic methods, unusual combinations, and materials that she connects in a unique way through her art. Her new work reveals joy in experimenting with new processes, organic materials, and multiple layers of pigmented wax. If you’re looking for a custom painting artist in Kingston, browse Dalton’s luminous art online.

Dalton works to practice reclamation and repurposing rather than consumption. As an eco-friendly artist, she creates thematic series that underscore climate change and nature under pressure. In her featured series, Weather Watch, this eco-friendly artist expresses her concerns for our environment with mixed media encaustic paintings using shoreline wood, molten encaustic paint, torches, and irons.

Similarly, her series, Something Wicked This Way Comes (2020/21), are encaustic paintings on panels inspired by extreme weather over water. Dalton has been a custom painting artist in Kingston, Lake Ontario, and the 1000 Islands for over thirty years. 

Dalton’s work is an invitation for viewers to experience a piece of natural art and the sustenance of nature. As an eco-friendly artist, she considers herself nature’s advocate and wants her collectors to know that this art is also a call for change. By extension, clients who own a piece of Liz Rae Dalton’s art participate in being nature’s advocate as well.

Are you searching for a custom painting artist in Kingston? You can purchase Liz Rae Dalton’s original art online or get in touch if you have any questions. Liz Rae Dalton is also open to commissioned work.

Organic Contemporary Art

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