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Inspired by Nature
and life on an Island

I create earth inspired organic sculptures and paintings that are meditative and process driven to explore themes of salvage, repair, and transcendence. 


Supported with steel, my natural wood sculptures are as tall as human scale, texturally carved, and layered with luminous molten encaustic paint colours to suggest water earth and sky. My stylistic influences reference the simplified forms and mythologies of ancient cycladic art with carved textures inspired by local granite and limestone. 


Working in series I create sculptures and paintings in tandem as a unified body of work to be exhibited as an installation. Each individual piece is an encapsulated experience of nature prompted by its organic surfaces, materials, and colours.


I create this work at a time in our history when climate grief is real. My personal response to this feeling is to find hope with how I live and create. Earth conscious materials become sculptures that speak of restoration and transcendence. 

Beauty is held within each piece as a nod to mother nature’s incredible resiliency in the face of our crisis. 


Decades living close to nature on an island in the middle of the St. Lawrence River where I came face to face with nature in all of its forms has had a profound impact on me personally and creatively. Entwined with her rhythms, Mother Nature and I existed in unison. 


My island life experiences have become a deep well of inspiration that I continue to draw from.

With Mother Nature in mind, I ride her winds and explore her peaks, creating.


My current live/work studio is located steps away from downtown Kingston and Lake Ontario.

I welcome studio visits and inquiries about any aspect of my practice. 


Liz Rae Dalton 

February 2024

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Organic Contemporary Art

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